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The wonderful world of Anna and Clara. This is the place where you will receive creative DIY inspiration and home styling tips with our latest products.

Søstrene Grene is the story of the two elderly Grene sisters, Anna and Clara, who diligently work to create little, bright differences in the everyday.

Anna and Clara are able to find beauty and happiness in even the smallest of things, and they hope to share their excitement with the rest of the world. Therefore, they have created a chain of retail stores that house a truly special atmosphere.

Walking into one of these stores is meant to feel like entering an oasis where, at least for a moment, shoppers can take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. In this way, the sisters seek to set the stage for wonderful experiences and joyful moments.

With great passion, the sisters develop new designs within their product categories, e.g. interior design, stationery, gift wrapping, crafts, kitchen good and toys for children.

The stories receive a wealth of new products every week, and many of these items are only sold for shorter periods of time. "Variety is the spice of life," as Anna says, although some items are included in the permanent product range.

Common to all products is an elegant and feminine expression that brings beauty to everyday life, while the prices are always kept at a reasonable level. To Anna an dClara, it is important that customers feel that they have found a bargain.

That is also why Søstrene Grene has strict requirements that all suppliers must meet in terms of quality, working conditions and product safety.


9 Park Way, Newbury RG14 1AY

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9am - 5:30pm
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Special Morning Moments with Sostrene Grene

Special Morning Moments with Sostrene Grene
Søstrene Grene

Set a wonderful breakfast table that invites for a calm and cosy beginning of the day.

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