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Mocha Italia is the name Sergio and Bruno Costa gave to their own special blend of coffee beans 39 years ago. It's a unique blend that manages to combine the sweetness, bitterness and body needed to make the perfect cup of coffee. As for the blend itself it is a closely guarded secret, but can be enjoyed at any of the Costa Coffee shops.

Costa offers a whole range of coffees from Espressos, Macchiatos, Americanos, Ristrettos to simple Lattes and Mochas. You can also have them the way you like them: decaffeinated coffee, skimmed or soya milk.

As well as offering the finest coffee, Costa has a wide range of alternatives including hot chocolate, teas and infusions, iced coffees & frescato as well as a host of accompanying confectioneries.


44 - 46 Parkway Shopping Centre
RG14 1AY

T. 01635 551 282

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Costa's Bonfire Spiced Family

Costa's Bonfire Spiced Family
Costa Coffee

It’s back! Costa's Bonfire Spiced Family, delicious notes of rich of caramel toffee with smoky, toasted spices topped with crunchy caramel vermicelli. Pop into Costa at Parkway to try today.

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