Free Wi-Fi for all Parkway Shoppers

Free Wi-Fi for all Parkway Shoppers

Our shoppers now have access to free BT Wi-fi on their smartphones or tablets.

The launch of the service offers our shoppers the opportunity to gain internet access whilst they are shopping. Shoppers have an expectation of internet access and Parkway can now deliver that access once the shopper’s login, and it is available in any of the public areas within the mall.

Shopping Centre Director , comments: “we wanted to ensure that our shoppers can spend time in the centre and still use this their mobile phones and tablets to keep in touch and updated on offers and promotions.”

Andy Baker, CEO, BT Wi-fi, said: “We know how important it is to be able to get online while shopping. In fact, our research shows that 54% of people actively search for a wi-fi hotspot when shopping. We already operate the largest wi-fi network in the UK, with more than 5 million hot spots, and the service at Parkway brings this valued service to an even wider audience, offering even better levels of service for shoppers enjoying a day out”.

To access Parkway's free Wi-fi simply look out for the network BTWifi - Parkway.