Parkway thanks Heartstart Thatcham

Parkway thanks Heartstart Thatcham

In light of recent events at the Euros and the sad news that Heartstart Thatcham are winding down - we would like to thank them for their dedication to life-saving and life-saving equipment in and around Newbury.

Through their passion we installed defibrillators and ran life-saving courses on-site to help make Newbury a safer place - which will be their legacy as the defibs remain in situ! 

ABOUT Heartstart Thatcham 

The Heartstart Thatcham scheme is a British Heart Foundation initiative, covering Thatcham and surrounding areas (Newbury, Greenham, Cold Ash, Wash Common, Berkshire, Hampshire, etc.). The scheme teaches people what to do in a life-threatening emergency – simple skills save lives. This scheme operates independently of, but affiliated to, the British Heart Foundation and provides free Emergency Life Support (ELS) training in the community.

Please visit their website to find out more information: