Plant Based Perfection at Coffee #1
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Plant Based Perfection at Coffee #1

At Coffee#1, they love to invite as many people as possible to enjoy their delicious coffee and treats, and part of that is catering for all kinds of dietary requirements. Their quest for inclusion has led them to launch 3 plant based milk alternatives for their customers to enjoy- Soya, Coconut, and Oat- but they’re not just for people who can’t have dairy! 

What better reason to try out soya, coconut or oat milk than the new, exciting, and scrumptious flavour they can bring to your brew? Soya milk is delicious in a white hot chocolate (be careful- that one still contains dairy), their coconut milk makes one delicious mocha, and their oat milk is fantastic in a flat white. But who are we to decide for you? Test your own flavour combinations!